Coeur de Corbeau is excited to announce the release of Ed Schaefer's new CD Samudraṁ. A collection of instrumental sound scapes that are available on iTunes, CD Baby and can be licensed at Getty Music. Samudra (Devanagari: समुद्र) is a Sanskrit term literally meaning the "gathering together of waters" It refers to an ocean , sea or confluence. It also forms the name of Samudradeva, the Hindu god of the ocean. samudraṁ Malayalam. Recorded at Raven Heart Studio. Special thanks to Yaa Owusu for her beautiful flute performance on “A Time for Goodbye” , Brad Tuller for his mastering skills and Jacob Eifert for his beautiful album cover.” - Coeur de Corbeau Records

— Samudraṁ

Tre Trax breaks the iTunes Top 20 list at number 16. Miss Mulattos new Album "Time and Pressure" features the song  "Heart Broke". produced by Tre Trax. ” - Tre Trax Producer

Heart Broke - Miss Mulatto -Tre Trax

[unity] is an electronic concept album embodying Xorn, a sentient artificial intelligence as it has a mental breakdown.” - DVB

DVB releases new Album!

Cedric Wilson - DREAMLAND Written by Chi Chi on November 08, 2017 If you read your album credits, you might have noticed Cedric Wilson’s name popping up the past couple years, as he’s been working as Willie Green’s assistant engineer at Greenhouse Recording Co., while also going to school as a grad student in The New School’s Media Studies program. On top of all this, apparently Wilson’s got beats, because he just dropped his first instrumental project, DREAMLAND. Normally when someone drops their first instrumental release, you expect it to sound greener than this, but when you’ve been putting in work at the Greenhouse for a few years, you’re bound to learn a lot about how to make a compelling instrumental project that also sounds fantastic. And that’s what we get with DREAMLAND. It kind of exists in that grey area between beat tape and album, but all that really matters is that Wilson has a lot of good and varied musical ideas, and the wherewithal to develop his beats and take them interesting places. There are some gorgeous downtempo beats, such as “too cool,” which takes a really nice smooth jazz electric piano riff, and then adds interest by adding these unique scratching effects that serve as the melodic variation for the track. He can come at you with some big drums and sci fi keyboard sounds like he does on “come on everybody,” or he can roll into some deep house like he does on “I got this.” He can also stop you in your tracks and patiently let an acoustic guitar riff set the backbone of “floating with u,” which turns into this beautiful psychedelic track. There are a lot of options, and it makes for a really compelling journey as you wander through the project. As you keep listening, not only do you get this variety, but you also get the slow emergence of Wilson’s artistic voice. There’s a real warmth and soulfulness to his production that really draws you in. I don’t know where Wilson is going to go from here, but he certainly got my attention with DREAMLAND. There’s certainly room for growth as he progresses, but this project is also just fun to listen to on its own merits. Title:   Cedric Wilson - DREAMLAND  Label:   S/R  Year:   2017  Rating:   8/10 ” - Chi Chi

Scratched Vinyl

Rapidly rising rapper Yuri Joness has released his latest track “Facey.” Written and performed by Yuri, with production by Tre Trax, the upbeat “Facey” finds Yuri just wanting to party and trying his to best to brush off life’s annoyances and deflect detractors.Read more at ” - Tre Trax Produces "Facey" Congratulations!

Columbia Records (Sony) releases Facey

Dronix releases latest remix:  Borgeous & Taylr Renee - Sweeter Without You (Dronix remix) Follow this Link to VOTE: It's free sign-up and vote! ” - Paul Brown (DRONIX)

Borgeous & Taylr Renee - Sweeter Without You - Remixed by Dronix

For his first instrumental project, Brooklyn-based producer Cedric Wilson takes you on a journey to “DREAMLAND”. This project imagines our protagonist traveling to a world without oppression. Starting with the trip there, we’ll ride alongside our dreamer for all of the adventures such a place would bring. Released October 27, 2017  All songs produced and mixed by Cedric Wilson  Mastered at The GreenHouse Recording Co. by Paul “Willie Green” Womack  Album Artwork by Matthew Sherman  Photography by Larrisa Lamothe” - Cedric Wilson


Brad Tuller - I've been waiting a long time to reveal this and now I finally can. Not one, but TWO songs from my recently released EP Forever Prom are officially a part of the soundtrack for the feature length film Arcadia. Being released by @twsnow , Arcadia documents snowboarders in a perpetual pursuit of paradise. September 21st 2017 was the official premiere of Arcadia in Los Angeles at the La Paloma Theater, but it will be available on iTunes digital download on October 10th of this year! ” - Brad Tuller

— Arcadia

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